Transport, Maritime & Logistics

Historically, maritime law constitutes large portion of our practice and traces back to the very early days of NIKA. Currently, NIKA Maritime and Transportation Practice is keeping pace with the industry, which is growing in Ukraine and the Russian Federation as freight rates reach record heights. This is especially true in commodities-related transportation.

Our M&T professionals are experienced in all aspects of maritime law including:

NIKA team advises and litigates on the issues of charter parties, bills of lading, lay time and demurrage/detention, CMR/CIM Contracts, maritime insurance and other transportation insurance, loss/damage in transit. We mostly represent cargo interests, but have considerable experience in representing ship owners as well.
We are also familiar with the laws of freight-forwarding and the legal issues freight-forwarders face. This includes all types of FIATA documents: FCR, FCT, FBL and FWB.

Maritime insurance is a separate portion of our practice which is rapidly growing above the market pace. We represent P&I Clubs and insurance companies in a number of ground breaking litigations in the industry.

NIKA is focused on delivering technical excellence and outstanding client service, is committed to exceed clients’ expectations and tailor all advice to their needs.